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Since 2007 i have self-published 15 picture books in the Dominican Republic, some of which were part of social impact projects. In 2018 two of them were published by Algar Editorial and many other publishers in several languages. I believe we can help build a better future if we encourage kids to be curious, to dream, to invent, to be kind, and to help others, showing them how much their actions can change the world. You can find all those titles below:

10 años de Cuentos
2019 ISBN: 978-9945-8-0604-5

This is a wonderful compilation of Anya’s firsts 10 books together.

Soy Feroz
2019 ISBN: 978-9945-8-0568-0

Is there only one way of doing things?

wonders Milo, the little wolf of this story in the journey of becoming who he has always believed he will be.

A book about being ourselves, friendship, family support and following our dreams. A fun story full of music and onomatopoeias.


2018 ISBN: 978-84-9142-236-5

There is a BIG problem in the jungle, a really big problem!

But animals are too scared to try to find out who is the mysterious being that terrifies them every day. Thanks to a courageous wasp, everything changes unexpectedly.

A funny story that reminds us that, many times, things are not as we thought.

2015 ISBN: 978-9945-08-296-8

SuperKids is a multi-award winning picture book about believing in our own super powers!

It’s a fun-filled story that promotes inclusion and will entertain your kids while teaching them to always look for the good in others, to have confidence in themselves, and to follow their dreams. It helps kids feel great about being exactly who they are.

In addition to a Gold Mom’s Choice Award, this book won a Gold Medal Moonbeam Award in 2015, a silver medal at the Independent Publisher Book Awards 2016, and two Gold medals on the Elit Awards 2016 — one for Best Children’s Ebook (7 & Under) and one for Best Book Website.

Visit our website to enjoy a video of this book.

Santa’s Toy Factory
2012 ISBN: 978-9945-00-693-3

At Santa’s workshop, all the elves have exciting, creative jobs—all but Mou! Mou just has to keep the workshop tidy and organized. But one day, when Mou is sick, everyone finds out just how vital he is. Suddenly, the elves can’t find anything and they all start bickering! Santa’s Toy Factory shows that everyone makes a difference—even the person you’d least expect.

El Rancho de Don Juancho

Don Juancho has a ranch full of animals. Play with colors and numbers while you get to know them. A short and colorful story ideal for the little ones.


Thomas’s Traveling Adventures
2010 ISBN: 978-9945-00-290-4

Thomas is a normal little boy, who somehow manages to travel all over the world and back in time. How does he do this? Through books, of course! Thomas’s Traveling Adventures is a short picture book that introduces young readers to the fun and exciting adventures that reading can bring.

Imagination Girl
2010 ISBN: 978-0045-00-291-1


What do you do when your town is organized, perfect, and boring? In Imagination Girl, we learn the answer—use your imagination to create adventures!

The book follows the unique mind of a little girl whose life is filled with adventure at every turn.

When her grandmother discovers the little girl’s imaginative explanations for the way of the world, the two grow closer as Grandma explains to the girl how things really work.

Inventor Boy
2008 ISBN: 978-9945-001-57-0

In Inventor Boy, the main character is always inventing things to make life easier. One day, he realizes that his dad needs an invention so that he won’t be so tired and hurt at the end of the day. The boy works tirelessly to solve the problem so that his dad can be happy. When he finally creates the solution, the boy and his parents realize that his inventions are more than a hobby—they are a true gift.


2008 ISBN: 978-9945-421-42-2

Should you do what is easy, or hold on to your dreams? In Dreamboy, that is just what the main character must decide. When he dreams that his dream self invites him to live his old dreams all over again, the boy is tempted to go along. But instead he braves the unknown, for he knows that moving forward—not back—is the way to realize his dreams.


I created a children’s magazine in 2015 that promoted nature, family, and no-technology adventures and explored a country of the world in every issue with diverse characters. I had to stop producing the magazine when I got sick, and only launched and published the first two issues.

This project had a great response in Santo Domingo and will soon be available online in both English and Spanish.

Niños Aventureros vol. 2

In this issue, the Adventure Kids travel to a place far, far away— a country filled with stories, statues, sand, animals, monuments and secrets. . .

They want to know a little about an important person from our past, Cleopatra! Travel with them to another continent in this interesting adventure.

Niños Aventureros vol. 1

The Adventure Kids visit their grandparents every year to decorate the Christmas tree together. But this time, they did not just do that! They also traveled to another country and had a great adventure. Discover everything we can do when playing with snow on their short visit to Canada.

Niños Aventureros vol. 0

This is a children’s magazine created with the aim of promoting activities of family integration, closeness to nature, fun without technology, and fun learning. The Adventure Kids are six very special cousins who, each month, visit their grandparents together in a town far from the city. They have incredible adventures flying with their grandfather to different parts of the world each time. Now, you can also travel with them. This volume of the magazine shows us how it all began and introduces us to each of the children.


These books were created for special occasions or projects.

I was hired by different companies to help them convey specific messages to children through picture books.

Leo el Explorador

This is a book about Leo, the character of the milk brand Milex. I created this book that promotes milk as something that makes you strong, with a story about bullying, friendship, confidence, and sharing.

Nicolas y el Maravilloso Mundo de los Cuentos

A book written for a newspaper company to help promote learning the classic tales in a fun way.

Todos podemos ser Santa

A beautiful and colorful story, in which two children from completely different environments get together and give a happy Christmas to an entire neighborhood, with the help and cooperation of many people! Anya created this book for “La Sirena” (a department store) to raise funds that were donated to six foundations for Christmas.

El Mejor Regalo

It takes place in the middle of the classroom, so that children can easily identify with the story and is excellent for families to enjoy together.  We created this book for “La Sirena” (a chain of department stores) to raise funds that were donated to 4 foundations in 2009.

Ayudemos a Andrés

Helping others can change their life and yours. This book is about giving a little of your time to others, about donating, helping, caring and working as a team for a good cause. About friendship and humanity.

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10 Años de Cuentos

Enjoy 10 picture books in one with this wonderful compilation of Anya’s firsts 10 books together.

Not Available
Tuntun HardCover

Tuntun is huge but he doesn’t know it. His footsteps scare all the other animals of the jungle, who think of everything before being brave enough to face the truth. Tuntun, reminds us that many times, things are not as we think.

Not Available
Soy Feroz HardCover

Is there only one way of doing things? wonders Milo, the little wolf of this story in the journey of becoming who he has always believed he will be. A book about being ourselves, friendship, family and following our dreams. A fun-filled story full of music and onomatopoeias.


SuperKids is a multi-award winning picture book about believing in our own super powers, that promotes inclusion.

Not Available
Soy Feroz PaperBack

A story about being authentic and brave, with a wolf that believes in his dreams and, with the help of his friends and family, fights to make it come true. A fun-filled story full of music and onomatopoeias.


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